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ron linskyThe Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research


NWRI has launched a campaign to raise an endowment for the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research, which supports graduate students who share Ron Linsky's vision of innovative, multi-disciplinary research within the water sciences.


This endowed fellowship was established to honor Ron’s long-time service as Executive Director of NWRI and his many contributions to the water community.


Please join us in supporting graduate students conducting cutting-edge research to ensure the safety and reliability of our nation’s water supplies.


Click here to download the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship Endowment Flyer and Contribution Form.




Purpose of the Fellowship


Our nation faces a number of challenges in meeting the needs of a growing population requiring more water resources and protection against emerging issues, such as water scarcity and the quality of our water supplies.


The purpose of our Fellowship Program is to support and encourage graduate students to investigate and develop the innovative procedures, technologies, and policies crucial to resolving these critical water needs.


The Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research is a special Fellowship awarded to a one-of-a-kind student in water science or engineering whose research is original, innovative, and expected to advance the state-of-the-art.






ron linsky

NWRI established the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research in 2006 to support water research conducted by graduate-level students at U.S. universities.


This endowed fellowship was named in honor of NWRI’s first Executive Director, Ronald B. Linsky. Under Ron’s 15 years of leadership, NWRI grew from an idea among local Southern California utilities supporting and promoting water research to become a nationally recognized water research organization.


Before joining NWRI, Ron had worked as a biology teacher, oceanographer, Sea Grant director, and private consultant for the United Nations. His creativity and enthusiasm for water science were limitless, and he used his many skills and interests to make NWRI an innovative and timely organization that crossed many disciplines.


Ron was well-known for his love of teaching, as well as for his dedication and support of young scientists. He established many youth water science programs throughout his lifetime, including the NWRI’s Fellowship program, which has supported the water research efforts of more than 35 students since 1994.


The Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research is a tribute to a unique man who was a mentor and friend to so many.


Click here to learn more about Ron Linsky.






NWRI is thankful for the support of the following donors to who have made the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship and the NWRI Fellowship Program possible:


  • Mrs. Patricia Linsky
  • Peter and Elsa Ching
  • Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Collins
  • Dr. William Blomquist
  • Mr. Blake Anderson and Rev. Giovanna Piazza
  • Dr. Chittaranjan and Sasmita Ray
  • Dr. Jack Wang and Family
  • Dr. and Mrs. James Moncur
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sakaji
  • Mrs. Sandy White
  • Dr. and Mrs. David Hsu
  • Dr. Stephen Lyon
  • Dr. and Mrs. H.S. Muralidhara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mosher
  • Mr. John T. Andrew
  • Ms. Dawn Jorgensen
  • Ms. Karen Cowan
  • Dr. Shahid Chaudhry
  • Dr. Willliam Cooper
  • Mr. William R. Mills
  • Mr. Leonard Dueker
  • Dr. Charles P. Gerba
  • Ms. Nancy R. Bushnell
  • Mr. Terry and Mrs. Jan Debay
  • EOA, Inc.
  • RBF Consulting
  • McCormick, Kidman & Behrens, LLP
  • Dr. Kara Nelson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jean Stern
  • Miss Kendra Colyar
  • Dr. and Mrs. George Tchobanoglous
  • Mr. Stewart Suchman
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Shearer
  • Mr. Michael Wehner
  • Mr. Larry McKenney
  • Mr. Daniel Cozad
  • Dr. Philip Singer
  • Dr. Joseph Cotruvo
  • Ms. Vicki Elmer
  • Mr. Kenneth Ishida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gielow
  • Mr. James Zukin
  • Mr. Larry Gallup
  • Dr. Menachem Elimelech
  • Dr. James Barnard
  • Mr. Larry Russell
  • Dr. Douglas Call
  • The Joan Irvine Smith/Athalie R. Clarke Foundation




Fellowship Details  


The Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research is a 2-year graduate fellowship with a $10,000 a year award.


It is awarded to an outstanding master's or doctoral graduate student in a U.S. university whose research pertains to water, including water supply, water resources, water quality, and technologies and treatment.


The research must pertain to NWRI's mission statement, which is to create new sources of water through research and technology and to protect the freshwater and marine environments.


NWRI's specific research interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Water treatment technologies
  • Water quality
  • Water environmental chemistry
  • Water policy and economics
  • Public health and risk assessment
  • Water resources management

Click here to view the research topics of current NWRI Fellows.


Only one student receives the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship every 2 years.




Application Requirements


Applicants for the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship must prepare an application package following NWRI's fellowship application procedures.


As part of the application process, applicants are asked to prepare a 1-page, single-spaced essay detailing why they should receive the Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship. The essay must address their technical capabilities, their interest in other fields beside the one they are studying, their career goals, and where they hope to take their technical expertise and vision in the future.




2010-2011 Awardee


JulieJulie C. Padowski was selected as the second recipient of the NWRI Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research for her multi-disciplinary research proposal on water resources management, which will combine hydrological and managerial analysis approaches to evaluate water vulnerability in urban areas of the U.S.


A fourth-year Ph.D. candidate, Julie is studying water resources sustainability in the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Her advisor is Dr. James Jawitz.


Her doctoral research project, entitled “A Combined Hydrological and Managerial Approach to Evaluating Urban Water Vulnerability,” is a study of water resources management in urban areas within the U.S.


According to Julie, “Many urban areas rely on shared resources to meet needs, and as climate change and population growth place more pressure on local resources, it becomes increasingly important for water managers to understand the limitations of their water supplies from both a local and regional context.” 


She has three research objectives:

  • Quantify and evaluate the current state of water availability and vulnerability in U.S. urban centers with populations over 100,000.

  • Identify current utility management responses to threats of water vulnerability.

  • Examine how vulnerability affects urban centers in terms of management and costs.


The ultimate goal of her research is to determine the most effective strategies used by urban water managers to improve the resiliency of water supplies and reduce vulnerability.  Part of the fellowship funding will be used specifically to help Julie conduct a survey of urban utility managers across the U.S.  She expects to receive her doctorate in December 2011.






The Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship is awarded every two years. NWRI is not accepting new applications for the fellowship at this time.




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