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DWR/NWRI Drought Response Workshop (2013)


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Date/Time: October 8, 2013

Location: Atrium Hotel in Irvine, California




About the Workshop

The purpose of the Drought Response workshop was to review and provide updates on drought planning, response, and mitigation measures. It was intended for water agencies and other public and local agencies involved in drought response and planning efforts. Over 75 people attended this workshop, which offered CEUs from the California Department of Public Health.


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Workshop Sponsors



Workshop Presentations


Pease note that it may take several minutes to download the PDF files due to size. Please contact the NWRI Communications Manager for assistance.


Statewide Water Conditions and Preparing for a Potentially Dry 2014

Jeanine Jones, DWR

Jeanine Jones, of DWR, and Jeff Mosher, of NWRI, helped organize the workshop.



Southern California's Response to a Dwindling

Colorado River
Bill Hasencamp, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California


State Water Project Operations Outlook for 2014
John Leahigh, P.E., DWR


Climate Change and Water Supply Research

Michael Anderson, Ph.D., DWR


Paul Cook, General Manager of the Irvine Ranch Water District, spoke on IRWD's Groundwater Banking Program.

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes

An Introduction and the Topic of Drought
Martin Ralph, Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Irvine Ranch Water District's Groundwater

Banking Program

Paul Cook, P.E., Irvine Ranch Water District


Development and Implementation of Drought Messaging
Darcy Burke, Municipal Water District of Orange County

Stephanie Granger of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, spoke on remote sensing products to help manage water during droughts.


Potential Political Impacts in Southern California of Drought-related Water Availability And Rate Increases
John Rossi, Western Municipal Water District


Remote Sensing Products to Help Manage Water During Dry Times
Stephanie Granger, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,

California Institute of Technology


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Experience with Rim Fire

Dave Briggs, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission




Additional Material

Attendees at the Drought Workshop on Oct. 8.


DWR's "Drought in California" Brochure (2 MB PDF) - Provided as a handout at the workshop


Presenter Short Biographies (157 KB PDF) -

Provided as a handout at the workshop


Drought Response Workshop Presentation Videos -

Access the 2013 workshop videos on our NWRI YouTube channel


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