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DDW Expert Panel and Advisory Group on Potable Reuse

An independent, third-party Panel administered by NWRI is providing expert advice to the State of California on developing Water Recycling Criteria for indirect potable reuse through surface water augmentation and determining the feasibility of developing criteria for direct potable reuse. The Advisory Group last met on May 1, 2015.   Agendas, minutes, and reports from the meetings are available on the web page dedicated to the NWRI DDW Expert Panel and Advisory Group.


Registration is now open for the International Conference on Emerging Water Desalination Technologies in Municipal and Industrial Applications (DesalTech), to be held August 28-29. Click here to access registration and the preliminary program.


NWRI held a public meeting of an NWRI Independent Advisory Panel review of theĀ West Basin Municipal Water District's Subsurface Intake Feasibility Guidance Manual, which will be a tool agencies can use to perform a desktop feasibility analysis of seawater subsurface intakes based on case-by-case observations and available data from public or private sources.  The meeting took place on April 14, 2015. Click here for more information.

2015 Drought Response Workshop - Presentations Available

Presentation slides are now available from the 2015 Drought Workshop, sponsored by the California Department of Water Resources, the Southern California Water Committee, and NWRI.  The purpose of this workshop was to address drought planning, response, and mitigation measures. Cllick here to download the presentation slides.

Four Graduate Students Receive the 2014 NWRI Fellowship Award

The 2014 NWRI Fellowship has been awarded to four doctoral students: Khadeeja Abdullah of University of California, Los Angeles; Chen Chen of University of California, Riverside; Matthew Flood of Michigan State University; and Natalia von Reitzenstein of Arizona State University. Click here to learn more about the projects these fellows are pursuing.

Two Graduate Students Receive the 2014 NWRI-SCSC Fellowship Award

The NWRI-Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC) Fellowship has been awarded to two doctoral students studying at University of California, Riverside:  Tushar Jain and Allison Kupsco. Click here to learn more about the water research projects these fellows are pursuing.

2014 Clarke Lecture by David Sedlak on "Delivering the Fourth Water Revolution"

The 2014 Clarke Prize Lecture, delivered by David L. Sedlak, Ph.D. of UC Berkeley, focuses on strategies for developing and implementing new technologies that we can use to provide our cities with a reliable water supply while also protecting public health and the environment. Sedlak presented the Lecture at the 21st Annual NWRI Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize for excellence in water research, held on November 7, 2014. Click here to access the Lecture.


Two Doctoral Students Studying Membrane Fouling Receive the 2014 NWRI-AMTA Fellowship Award

The 2014 AMTA-NWRI Fellowship for Membrane Technology has been awarded to two doctoral students - Ariel Atkinson of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Erin Partlan of Clemson University - for graduate research focused on membrane fouling. Click here to learn more about the NWRI Fellowship Program.


Become a Sponsor of the NWRI Clarke Prize Conference and Award Ceremony

We invite you to become a sponsor of the Clarke Prize Conference and Award Ceremony. The conference will feature presentations from Clarke Prize Laureates, water and wastewater utility representatives, and other well-known professionals in the water industry. More information about Clarke Prize sponsorship can be found at www.clarkeprize.com.


NWRI Drought Resources Webpage

NWRI has developed a webpage providing information and resources regarding drought from various workshops, projects, and conferences we have facilitated. As the western United States faces persistent drought conditions, these resources provide opportunities to address drought preparation and solutions. Click here to visit the NWRI Drought Resources webpage.


2013 NWRI Clarke Prize Conference - Presentation Slides and Videos Now Available!

Videos and slides from presentations made at the 2013 NWRI Clarke Prize Conference and Award Ceremony are now available. The Nov. 2013 conference focused on research and innovations in urban water sustainability.  Presenters includes Pedro Alvarez of Rice U., J.R. DeShazo of UCLA, Amy Childress of USC, Mark Wiesner of Duke U., and more. Click here to view the presentation videos and slides.


2013 Drought Response Workshop - Presentations Available

The California Department of Water Resources and NWRI hosted a “Drought Response” Workshop on October 8, 2013, in Irvine, CA. The purpose of the workshop was to review and provide updates on drought planning, response, and mitigation measures. Videos and presentation slides are now available. Click here to download the presentation slides and watch the videos.


Jeff Mosher of NWRI Stars in Central Basin MWD Video on Direct Potable Reuse (2013)

"Recycled Water To Faucets?" is the theme of a short video prepared by the Central Basin Municipal Water District in August 2013. To some, recycled water raises a "yuck factor." Jeff Mosher, NWRI Executive Director, talks about the challenges and perceptions of recycled water. It's all part of a "behind the scenes" look at Central Basin's Caucus Speakers. Watch the video on YouTube. To learn more about Direct Potable Reuse, click here.


NWRI Releases Two Reports on Assessing Recycled Water Criteria for State of California (2013)

NWRI has released two Independent Advisory Panel reports that evaluate different aspects of recycled water criteria for the State of California. One provides conclusions as to whether recycled water used to irrigate food crops in California is sufficiently protective of public health, while the second evaluates the suitability of a potential analytical technique (BDOC) to assess water quality during the recycled water treatment process.  View all available panel reports here.


Join Now - NWRI Invites Companies to Join NWRI Corporate Associates Program

If you are a company in the water industry, please consider joining the NWRI Corporate Associates Program, which promotes collaboration and information exchange between our corporate partners, member agencies, and colleagues in the water industry. Membership fees are used to fund NWRI fellowships. Click here for more information or to sign up.


Summary Report from the Salinity Management Study Update Workshop (2012)

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC) held a workshop in June 2012 in Los Angeles to revisit salinity challenges and potential solutions to salinity management issues in Southern California. Presentations, handouts, and the workshop report are available to download. Click here for more information, or click here to download the report. NWRI administers SCSC.


NWRI "Water From Water" Video Series Now on YouTube

Go to YouTube to watch videos from the NWRI "Water From Water" international video series (1993-2005), such as the "Value of Water," "Veins of Mother Earth," and more.  The "Water From Water" video series was developed by NWRI to enable the general public, decision makers, and water industry professionals to gain a broader understanding of issues in water science and technology. Click here to watch the videos on YouTube.


Third Edition of UV Guidelines Now Available!

The third edition of the "NWRI Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidelines for Drinking Water and Water Reuse" (Aug. 2012) is now available as a free download.  The third edition includes an updated "Protocols" chapter and new appendix to illustrate the computations involved in the application and evaluation of UV disinfection systems.  The third edition was revised by Dr. Robert Emerick of Stantec Consulting and Dr. George Tchobanoglous of UC Davis. Click here for more information.


Challenging Water Projects Benefit from NWRI “Expert Panel” Review

For agencies considering the development and implementation of a challenging water project or program, an NWRI “Independent Advisory Panel” can provide the guidance and credibility needed to make appropriate project decisions and develop good public policy. Click here to learn more about the NWRI Panel process.


Hold Your Next Conference or Workshop with NWRI

NWRI is seeking partners to hold conferences or workshops on topics in water, wastewater, and water resources. Our events are streamlined, cost-effective, and well-organized, with the goal of providing training and information to address relevant issues in the water industry. Click here for more information about holding a conference or workshop with NWRI.


NWRI White Paper on Benefits of Direct Potable Reuse

This 20-page NWRI White Paper  (Jan. 2012) focuses on a case study in Southern California to highlight the potential benefits accrued for agriculture, environmental preservation and enhancement, and energy conservation through the application of direct potable reuse. The white paper was prepared by researchers at the University of California, Davis. Click here to download the report. More information about DPR can be found on our water reuse page.


Use Consumer Confidence Report to Build the Utility Brand

The Utility Branding Network (UBN) has a 2-page tool and checklist called, “Using the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to Build a Positive Brand,” that can help water utilities use the CCR to build confidence in tap water and public trust in the utility. Click here to download the UBN Tool. For more information about the Utility Branding Network, which is administered by NWRI, please visit www.utilitybranding.net.


View Online Videos of Presentations at the UN International Water Forum

Presentations from the International Water Forum held at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2011 are now available to view online as videos.  Jeff Mosher, Executive Director of NWRI, spoke at this event, presenting on the Groundwater Replenishment System, the largest water recycling project of its kind in the world. Click here to view the videos at www.runningdry.org/2011waterforum.html.


Reports from the Southern California Salinity Coalition Available to Download

Various reports from the Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC) on managing salts in our water supplies are now available online. Topics range from "desalination brine concentrate management studies," "water softener rebate outreach," and "salinity/nutrient management planning guidelines." Click here to learn more and download the reports.

CEC MWD Report CoverNWRI Report on CECs in Southern California Water Supplies

This NWRI final project report (May 2010) evaluated the presence and fate of constituents of emerging concern (CECs), such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and components of personal care products, in three major drinking water sources for over 25-million people in Southern California. For more information about CECs or to download the report, please click here.


ron linsky

Support the NWRI Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship Endowment Fund

Financial support for graduate students is limited, and NWRI is one of the few organizations that provides fellowships in water and wastewater.  Please consider contributing to the endowment fund for the NWRI Ronald B. Linsky Fellowship for Outstanding Water Research, which helps students conduct needed experiments, learn new research techniques, collaborate with experts, and publish their research.  For more information about the fellowship endowment fund or to donate, please click here.



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