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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Poster Papers


Characterization of Organic Matter Using Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectroscopy: The Case Study of a Brazilian Polluted River

Co-authors: Heloise Garcia Knapik, Cristovão Vicente Scapulatempo Fernandes, and Júlio César Rodrigues de Azevedoc


Changes in the Characteristics of Leaf Litter Derived Humic Substance and Its Ability to Bind Pyrene: Comparison for Adsorptive Fractionation and Photodegradation

Co-authors: Jin Hur, Ka-Young Jung, Bo-Mi Lee, and Mark A. Schlautman


The Impact of Pleurotus Ostreatus on the Amendments Organic Matter Transformation

Co-authors: Izabella Pisarek, Mariusz Glowacki, and Malgorzata Czernia




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