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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Session 1



Track A1: Treatment and Removal 1


Dissolved Organic Matter Increase and Its Impact on Water Treatment

Presented by Auguste L. Bruchet, CIRSEE-Suez Environment

Co-authors: M. Philibert, I.H. Suffet, and P. Charles


Characterizing Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Removal Trends during Drinking Water Treatment Using Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices and PARAFAC

Presented by Gary L. Amy, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Co-authors: S.A. Baghoth, S.K. Sharma, and M. Dignum


Application of Molecular Weight Profile with Peak Fitting to Predict Dissolved Organic Matter Treatability of Low Specific UV Absorbance Surface Waters

Presented by Chris W.K. Chow, Australian Water Quality Centre

Co-authors: L. Xing, R. Fabris, J. van Leeuwen, D. Wang, M. Drikas, and H. Tang


Comparative Study of the Removal of Natural Organic Matter from Different Raw Waters by Ion Exchange

Presented by Bhekie B. Mamba, University of Johannesburg

Co-authors: P. Lobanga, J. Haarhoff, and S.J. Van Staden



Track B1: Molecular Characterization 1


Photo- and Bio-Reactivity of Different Size Fractions of DOM in the Everglades Ecosystem

Presented by Kaelin Cawley, Florida International University

Co-author: R. Jaffé


Optimization of Measurement of Aquatic Humic and Fulvic Acids by a Batch Method Using Experimental Design

Presented by Diego Hincapié-Upegui, University of Antioquia

Co-authors: R. Salamanca–Flórez and G. Peñuela–Mesa


DOM in Composition and Photoreactivity in Prairie Lakes of the U.S. Great Plains

Presented by Christopher Osburn, North Carolina State University


NOM in South African Waters: Characterization and Method Development for Effective NOM Removal from Water

Presented by Thabo Nkambule, University of Johannesburg

Co-authors: B.B. Mamba, R.W. Krause, and J. Haarhoff



Track C1: Disinfection Byproducts 1


What Does TOC Mean to My Drinking Water Plant?

Presented by April M. Nabors, Birmingham Water Works Board

Co-authors: P. Barron and J. Cochran


Use of Physiochemical Changes in NOM to Evaluate THM Formation during Snowmelt, after Wildfires, and in Pre-Ozonation Water Treatment

Presented by Alex D. Revchuk, Water Quality & Treatment Solutions, Inc.

Co-authors: I. Najm, I.H. Suffet, and J. Billica


Using Fractionation as a Diagnostic Tool for Informing Water Treatability

Presented by Peter Jarvis, Cranfield Water Sciences Institute, Cranfield University

Co-authors: S. Parsons, B. Jefferson, and E. Goslan


Comparison of Disinfection Byproducts from Using Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Presented by Hrvoje Juretic, University of Zagreb




Track D1: Monitoring 1


Online Estimation of Biological Stability in Drinking Water Treatment

Presented by Petra Ross, Delft University of Technology

Co-authors: J. van den Broeke and L. Rietveld


Colored Dissolved Organic Matter as a Tracer of Effluent Plumes

Presented by Nikolay P. Nezlin, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project


An ATP-Based Method to Determine Bacterial Regrowth Potential in Drinking Water

Presented by Tanush Wadhawan, North Dakota State University

Co-authors: R. Joshi, J. McEvoy, B. Pruess, and E. Khan


What, Where, When, and How Much? Combining Watershed NOM Source and Reactivity Studies with Real-Time Monitoring

Presented by Tamara Kraus, United States Geological Survey

Co-authors: B. Bergamaschi, B. Pellerin, and B. Downing



Track E1: Advanced Oxidation 1


Characterization and Monitoring of EfOM through UV/H2O2 and Ozonation Processes

Presented by Carmen Sans, University of Barcelona

Co-authors: O. González, A. Justo, J. Bacardit, E. Ferrero, and J.J. Malfeito


Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Study of Ozonation Effects on EfOM and Transformation of Antibiotics

Presented by Chen Liu, University of Washington

Co-authors: W. Jiang, V. Nanaboina, and G. Korshin


Effect of Effluent Organic Matter on the Application of Advanced Oxidation for Wastewater Treatment

Presented by Mei Mei Dong, University of Colorado, Boulder

Co-authors: S. Gonzales and F. Rosario-Ortiz


Temperature Dependence of the Reaction between Hydroxyl Radical and Organic Matter

Presented by Garrett J. McKay, California State University, Long Beach

Co-authors: J.L. Kleinman, S.P. Mezyk, M.M. Dong, and F. Rosario-Ortiz


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