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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Session 7



Track A7: Treatment and Removal 7


Ion Exchange for NOM Removal from a Sulfate Rich Surface Water Incorporating Full Reuse of the Brine

Presented by Liesbeth B. Verdickt, Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening

Co-authors: V. D’Haeseleer, W. Closset, and J. Cromphout


Removal of NOM from Concentrates Produced by an Ultrafiltration System Treating Drinking Water

Presented by Maurício Costa Cabral da Silva, International Reference Center of Water Reuse


Color Removal from Drinking Water with Ion Exchange: Regeneration with Zero Liquid Discharge

Presented by Peter Sjoerdsma, Vitens NV


Molecular Characteristics and Differences of Effluent Organic Matter Treated by Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS), Activated Sludge and Dentrification

Presented by Michael Gonsior, Linköping University

Co-authors: D. Rosso, P. Pitt, W.J. Cooper, N. Hertkorn, and P. Schmitt-Kopplin




Track B7: Coastal and Seawater


Characterization of NOM from Mediterranean Coastal Seawater

Presented by F. Xavier Simon, University of Barcelona

Co-authors: Y. Penru, A.R. Guastalli, S. Esplugas, J. Llorens, and S. Baig


Quantifying Abiotic Organobromine Formation in Seawater During Exposure to Solar Radiation

Presented by Michael C. Dodd, University of Washington

Co-authors: J.D. Méndez-Díaz, Z.O. Enumah, J.J. Pignatello, and W.A. Mitch


Seasonal Variation of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in the Nelson River Estuary, Hudson Bay

Presented by Céline Guéguen, Trent University

Co-authors: A. Perroud, G. McCullough, and D.G. Barber


Optical Analysis of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter as a Tracer of Organic Matter in the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina

Presented by Jennifer L. Dickson Brown, North Carolina State University




Track C7: Disinfection Byproducts 5


Nitrogenous Disinfection Byproducts Formation Potential from Molecular Weight Fractions of NOM

Presented by Ina Kristiana, Curtin Water Quality Research Centre

Co-authors: J. Tan, S. McDonald, R. Trolio, C. Joll, A. Heitz, and J. Charrois


Agricultural Impacts on Stream DOC in a Sacramento Valley Watershed

Presented by Peter J. Hernes, University of California, Davis

Co-authors: B.A. Pellerin, P.A.M. Bachand, R.G.M. Spencer, R.Y. Dyda, S. Journet, and B.A. Bergamaschi


Characterization of NOM as Precursors for Nitrosamines: Hydrophobicity, Molecular Weight, and Fluorescence

Presented by Chao Chen, Tsinghua University

Co-authors: C. Wang, X. Zhang, and J. Wang


Comparison between Formation Potential of Chloroacetic Acids by Hydrophobic Hydrophilic NOM Fraction with Standards of Fulvic-Humic Acids and Raw Water

Presented by Carmen Liliana Duarte Pineda, Universidad del los Andes

Co-authors: M.F. Lemus P. and M.S. Rodríguez S.




Track D7: Environmental Factors


The Role of Humic Substances in Controlling the Colloidal Stability of Organically Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous Systems

Presented by Jeffrey A. Nason, Oregon State University


Dynamics and Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter at the Artebus Lake Watershed, New York

Presented by Phil-Goo Kang, State University of New York

Co-authors: M.J. Mitchell and B. Mayer


Origin, Signature, and Interaction of Coal Bed Methane Produced Water NOM with Inorganic Solutes

Presented by Katharine G. Dahm, Colorado School of Mines




Track E7: Advanced Oxidation 3


Use of Organic Photosensitizers to Elucidate Mechanisms of Solar Driven Processes on Pesticides

Presented by Antonio Arques, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Co-authors: A.M. Amat, J. Gomis, J. Soler, M.L. Marín, and M.A. Miranda


Influence of NOM Concentration on Parameter Sensitivity of a Mechanistic Ozone Decomposition Model

Presented by Wim T.M. Audenaert, Ghent University

Co-authors: M. Vandevelde, S.W.H. Van Hulle, and I. Nopens


NOM Removal with Anion Exchange Resins and Its Impact on H2O2/UV

Presented by Madjid Mohseni, University of British Columbia

Co-authors: G. Imoberdorf


Changes in Biodegradability and Molecular Weight Distribution of NOM under UV/H2O2 Treatment

Presented by Mohammad Mahdi Bazri, University of British Columbia

Co-authors: M. Mohseni


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