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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Session 8



Track A8: Treatment and Removal 8


Destruction of Organic Matter in Water Using Ultraviolet Light

Presented by Randy Cooper, NeoTech Aqua Solutions


Advanced Separation Technology Application for NOM Removal from a Freshwater Supply

Presented by Andrea G. Capodaglio, University of Pavia

Co-authors: A. Callegari and P. Sauvignet




Track B8: Molecular Characterization 5


Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Characterization of NOM in Seawater

Presented by Nuria Cortés-Francisco, Spanish Council for Scientific Research

Co-authors: J. Caixach


Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP): A Frequently Ignored, But Extremely Active Component of NOM

Presented by Uta Passow, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara

Co-authors: T. Berman


Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Aerosols

Presented by Alexander Laskin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Co-authors: J. Laskin, P. Roach, S. Nizkorodov, T. Nguyen, D. Bones, and A. Bateman




Track C8a: Treatment


Effects of NOM on the Accumulation of Inorganic Contaminants in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Presented by Ching-Yu Peng, University of Washington

Co-authors: G. Korshin


Interaction between Anthropogenic Micropollutants and Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) in Activated Sludge Processes

Presented by Linda Y. Tseng, University of California, Irvine

Co-authors: Y. Wu, D. Rosso, and R. Gori




Track C8b: Special Policy Session for Students


Development of Wastewater Law in California

Presented by Joshua L. Cleaver, Thomas Jefferson School of Law




Track D8: Membranes 4


On Effluent Organic Matter and the Fouling of Low Pressure Filtration Membranes

Presented by Felicity A. Roddick, RMIT University

Co-authors: L. Fan, T. Nguyen, Y. Hakata, and S. Nguyen


Comparison of Two Fractionation Strategies for Characterization of Effluent Organic Matter (EfOM) and for Diagnosing Causes of Low-Pressure Membrane Fouling

Presented by Brian A. Dempsy, Pennsylvania State University

Co-authors: H. Kim


Wastewater NOM Composition Following Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment and Microfiltration

Presented by Graham J.G. Juby, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Co-authors: G.A. Zacheis, J.P. Brown, and E.M. Torres



Track E8: Advanced Oxidation 4


Using Rapid Background Hydroxyl Radical Scavenging Measurement to Understand OH Radical Reactivity of NOM in AOPs

Presented by Erik Rosenfeldt, Hazen and Sawyer


Role of Biological Activated Carbon on UV/H2O2-Treated Water Quality

Presented by Siva R. Sarathy, Trojan Technologies

Co-authors: M. Stefan


UV-Based Advanced Oxidation for NOM Degradation and Removal: Impacts on Characteristics, Biodegradability, and DBP Formation Potential

Presented by Madjid Mohseni, University of British Columbia

Co-authors: G.E. Imoberdorf, S. Sarathy, and M. Bazri



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