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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Session 9


Track B9: Molecular Characterization 6


Isolation and Characterization of Biomarkers for Fresh and Marine Waters: Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography

Presented by Barbara A. Cottrell, University of Toronto, Scarborough

Co-authors: W.J. Cooper and A.J. Simpson


Characterize NOM in Typical Chinese Water Using HPLC-SEC with Continuous Wavelength UV Absorbance Detector

Presented by Mingquan Yan, Peking University

Co-authors: G. Korshin and D. Wang




Track C9: Environmental Fate and Transport 2


Is Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) a Protective Agent vs. Non-Polar Hazardous Organic Pollutants (HOPs) in Drinking Water?

Presented by Meng-Horng (Chris) Hsu, University of California, Los Angeles

Co-authors: I.H. Suffet


Involvement of NOM in the Photochemical Fate of Beta-Blockers in Water

Presented by Haomin Xu, University of California, Irvine

Co-authors: W.J. Cooper and W. Song




Track D9: Membranes 5


Hollow-Fiber Filtration for Water Reclamation: Nanoscale Particles and Membrane Fouling

Presented by Joshua Smeraldi, University of California, Irvine

Co-authors: T. Hosseini, D. Rosso, G. Rajagopalan, and J. Safarik


Electroadsoprtive Filter Media for Reduction of Membrane Biofouling

Presented by Rodney S. Komlenic, Ahlstrom Filtration LLC




Track E9: Extreme Environments


Characteristics of NOM in Different Yellowstone Hot Springs

Presented by Michael Gonsior, Linköping University

Co-authors: N. Hinman, W. J. Cooper, N. Hertkorn, and P. Schmitt-Kopplin


UV Radiation and Dusty Skies Influence the Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter in Alpine Environments

Presented by Natalie Mladenov, University of Colorado at Boulder


Complexation of Ferric Iron by Soluble Microbial Products of Acidophillic Microorganisms and the Resulting Effect on Pyrite Oxidation

Presented by Tesfayohanes W. Yacob, University of Colorado at Boulder

Co-authors: J. Silverstein and H. Rajaram



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