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NWRI Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)


City of Santa Barbara

Subsurface Desalination Intake and

Potable Reuse Feasibility Studies


Established for:

City of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California USA


The City's Consultant is Carollo Engineers, Inc.




Updated 03/21/2017: FINAL Potable Reuse Feasibility Study (34 MB)



Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Meeting #3


The final public meeting (#3) of the TAP was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at the Santa Barbara City Hall. All interested persons were invited to attend and comment on the matter. The technical memoranda and other materials discussed at the meeting can be downloaded from the links below:

  1. Notice of  Public Meeting #3
  2. Agenda for Public Meeting #3
  3. Potable Reuse Feasibility Study Technical Memorandum #3: Basis of Design and Initial Screening (31 MB)
  4. Summary Handout on the Technical Advisory Panel
  5. Presentation by the City and Carollo Engineers on Potable Reuse Feasibility Study Tech Memo #3 delivered at Public Meeting #3
  6. Selected figures from Technical Memorandum #3
  7. NEW! (3/21/2017) City's Responses to the TAP's Recommendations
  8. Public Comments and Responses from the TAP and the City
  9. Video of the October 26, 2016, meeting is available to view and down from: http://santabarbara.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=c0b8fd43-9bb9-11e6-8170-f04da2064c47 


About the Project


In 2014, the Santa Barbara City Council directed staff to report back on a plan to evaluate the feasibility of subsurface desalination intake and potable reuse. The feasibility studies are now being developed to satisfy the requirements of the City’s amended Waste Discharge Requirements for the El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The alternative evaluations will provide useful information for a future update to the City’s Long Term Water Supply Plan, which will evaluate feasible alternatives considered in this study.


The work products for the Feasibility Studies will be developed to accomplish the following objectives:


About the Technical Advisory Panel


In 2015, NWRI formed a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) on behalf of the City of Santa Barbara to provide expert peer review of the technical, scientific, and regulatory aspects of both the Subsurface Desalination Intake Feasibility Study and Potable Reuse Feasibility Study.  Specifically, the TAP will review the works products (i.e., draft work plan, technical memos, reports, etc.) associated with each of these studies and consider public comments on these efforts.  The TAP will also consider findings from other completed or ongoing similar efforts to develop the most informed recommendations.


The first public meeting of the TAP was held on August 5, 2015, at Santa Barbara City Hall. At this meeting, the City and its consultant, Carollo Engineers, presented the draft Work Plans on Subsurface Desalination Intake and Potable Reuse. Members of the public were invited to submit oral and written comments on the plans. The final versions of the plans, the comments received from members of the public, and documents distributed before and during the meeting are available for download from this website. Scroll down to the "Archive" section to access them. 


Technical Advisory Panel Charge


The Panel is charged with the following:


As part of the review, the TAP is expected to provide the following:


At the conclusion of each meeting, the TAP will prepare a report that provides findings and recommendations on the various technical, scientific, and regulatory aspects of their review of the work products associated with the Feasibility Studies.


Panel Members


The TAP is made up of five experts in the fields of drinking water management, desalination technology, hydrogeology, water policy issues, and other areas relevant to the study. The panel members are:


Click here to download a PDF containing biosketches of the TAP members.






National Water Research Institute

Suzanne Faubl, Water Resources Scientist and Project Manager

sfaubl@nwri-usa.org or (714) 378-3278


Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Eric Cherasia, P.E.

echerasia@carollo.com or (714) 593-5100


ARCHIVE of Past Panel Meetings


Public Meeting #1, held August 5, 2015


Public Meeting #2, held January 27, 2016