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NWRI Independent Advisory Panel Reports



San Diego Water Purification Demonstration Project




panel photo

Advanced Water Purification Facility for the Demonstration Project in San Diego, California.

Photo credit: www.sandiego.gov.

Purpose of the Panel (2009-2012)


In 2009, the City of San Diego (California) requested that NWRI form an Independent Advisory Panel to provide expert peer review of the technical, scientific, regulatory, and policy aspects of a proposed Water Purification Demonstration Project under development by the City.


The Demonstration Project involved both indirect potable reuse and reservoir augmentation. Its purpose was to evaluate the feasibility of using advanced treatment technology to produce purified water from the tertiary effluent of the North City Water Reclamation Plant, send the purified water to an expanded San Vicente Reservoir (where it is blended with other raw water), and then treat it in the existing Alvarado drinking water treatment plant before being distributed as potable water.


As part of the Panel process, the Panel was charged with:




Panel members toured the Demonstration facility several times during 2009-2012.

The full Panel met three times during the period of 2009-2012, as well as held three subcommittee meetings on limnology and reservoir operation and two subcommittee meetings on the Advanced Water Purification Facility. Panel members also participated in two working group meetings held by the City on limnology and reservoir operation. Each Panel meeting or subcommittee meeting was held in San Diego, California.


The official name of the Panel was the "NWRI Independent Advisory Panel for the City of San Diego Indirect Potable Reuse/Reservoir Augmentation (IPR/RA) Demonstration Project."





About the Panel Members

panel photo

Members of the panel met at the North City Water Reclamation Plant in San Diego, California, in July 2011.


The Panel included 10 members who represented local and national expertise in environmental engineering, water reuse regulations, toxicology, environmental chemistry, limnology, microbiology, and other fields relevant to the project. 


Members of the Panel included:



Click here to read the panel biographies.





Panel Chair Dr. George Tchobanoglous (right) of UC Davis works directly with regulator Brian Bernados (left) of the California Department of Public Health at a Panel meeting.

Downloadable Panel Reports








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