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2021 Fellowship Recipients

NWRI Member Agency Fellowship

The NWRI fellowship funds research about developing and/or enhancing drinking water supplies and water resources. 

Thomas Morales.png

Thomas Morales

Thomas is working toward his  Master's degree in Environmental Health at San Diego State University. His advisor is Dr. Eunha Hoh, Professor and Division Head of Environmental Health.

His project is titled "Persistence and removal of emerging chemical in sunlight-exposed wastewater effluent."


Yusi Li

Yusi is a doctoral candidate in Chemical Engineering at Arizona State University. Her advisors are Dr. Mary Laura Lind and Dr. Francois Perreault in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Her project is titled "Management of inland desalination brackish water concentrates with pervaporation."

NWRI/AMTA Fellowship for Membrane Technology

The NWRI/AMTA Fellowship supports research to advance membrane technologies in the water, wastewater, or water reuse industries. Research must be consistent with the American Membrane Technology Association's vision of "Solving water supply and quality issues through the widespread application of membrane technology."

Jose Diaz photo.JPG

Jose Diaz

Jose is a doctoral candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His advisor is Dr. Jovan Kamcev in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Macromolecular Science.

His project is titled "Ion sorption and transport in novel highly charged and tunable ion exchange membranes contacted with non-ideal electrolyte solutions."

Weiliang Bai

Weiliang is a doctoral candidate in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. His advisor is Dr. Manish Kumar in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering.

His project is titled "Setting up a comprehensive Omics platform for detecting biofouling in reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants."

NWRI/SCSC Fellowship

The NWRI-Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC) Fellowship supports research that addresses the critical need to remove or reduce salts from water supplies and to preserve water resources in Southern California. Such research includes institutional and regulatory issues, economics of reducing salinity, regional and watershed planning solutions, and public education, outreach, and awareness. Visit the SCSC website for more information.

Xinyu Tang.JPG

Xinyu Tang

Xinyu is a doctoral candidate working under the supervision of Dr. Haizhou Liu and the University of California, Riverside, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

His project addreses new treatment methods for brackish water (brine) that is produced during reverse osmosis to recover more water and other usable resources.

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