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2018 Clarke Prize Laureate

Dr. Janet G. Hering

Dr. Janet Hering

Dr. Hering, an American aquatic biogeochemist, is the Director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and holds professorships at ETH Zurich And EPFL, two of the top universities in continental Europe. Hering has also taught at UCLA and California Institute of Technology.

Her work at Eawag focuses on advancing water quality and management research, and promoting collaboration among universities worldwide. Hering balances water science with water policy, supporting the synthesis between academic research and real-world applications. A thoughtful and prolific writer, she has written for various scientific journals and her work is widely cited.

In 1993, Hering and her former PhD advisor, Francois Morel, co-authored Principles and Applications of Aquatic Chemistry. One of Hering's longtime collaborators, Dr. David Sedlak of UC Berkeley, says the text is, "...a masterpiece that has influenced the way in which water chemistry is taught to environmental engineers, geochemists, and environmental scientists around the world."

Early in her career, Hering served on EPA expert committees on arsenic and her research was instrumental in helping the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to treat naturally occurring arsenic in its watershed.

Hering's published Clarke Prize Lecture is available on Zenodo. The following video includes Dr. Hering's introduction, acceptance of the Clarke Prize, and her lecture.

Janet Hering award and lecture

Janet Hering award and lecture

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