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NWRI Seeks Proposals for Legal Services

NWRI seeks concise proposals (not to exceed five pages) from qualified lawyers and/or law firms with expertise in the creation of effective endowment vehicles for nonprofits and familiarity with the laws applicable to California Joint Powers Agencies (JPAs).


The selected firm will be asked to (1) help guide NWRI through the legal maze of state and federal law governing endowments; (2) draft the necessary documents to establish the appropriate entity; (3) assist in attaining a clear, efficient pathway for required legal and regulatory compliance activities and reporting.


NWRI requests that proposals include: (a) a concise statement of firm qualifications, (b) a brief description of the approach proposed to achieve NWRI’s proposed planning-level goals, and (c) the anticipated budget, including rates and other costs required from inception through approval of the establishment documents, and (d) up to five references from public entities/JPAs or comparable clients. The NWRI Board of Directors, or a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, may interview representatives of selected proposers in person or by teleconference.


Please submit proposals to Kevin M. Hardy, Executive Director, and Tianna Manzon at no later that 5:00 PM, Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Please direct questions about this RFP to Tianna Manzon at to receive clarifying information about submitting a proposal.

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