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2022 Fellowship Recipients

NWRI Member Agency Fellowship

The NWRI fellowship funds research about developing and/or enhancing drinking water supplies and water resources. 

Alyssa Schubert.JPG

Alyssa Schubert

Alyssa Schubert is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan and is advised by Dr. Nancy Love. She is interested in drinking water research occurring at the interface of science and policy.


Her project will investigate the drivers of decision-making in distributed drinking water systems and their impact on decision outcomes.


Daniel Leontieff

Daniel Leontieff is working toward his Master’s of Science degree with a major in Engineering and a concentration in Civil Engineering. He is advised by Dr. Keisuke Ikehata.


Daniel's research interests are in exploring new technologies for water treatment and water reuse in his project titled, "Direct Online Monitoring of Direct Potable Reuse Systems."

NWRI/AMTA Fellowship for Membrane Technology

The NWRI/AMTA Fellowship supports research to advance membrane technologies in the water, wastewater, or water reuse industries. Research must be consistent with the American Membrane Technology Association's vision of "Solving water supply and quality issues through the widespread application of membrane technology."


Kian Lopez

Kian is a third year doctoral student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. His advisor is Dr. Anthony Straub in the department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering.


His research, titled "Electrochemical characterization and oxidation methods to mitigate failure mechanisms in pressure-driven membrane distillation for applications in water reuse" sets out to establish a foundation for the implementation of a novel membrane process for water reuse applications.

Aubrey Quigley

Aubrey is a doctoral candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Her advisors are Drs. Benny Freeman and Nathaniel Lynd.


Her work addresses new cation exchange membranes for use in bipolar electrodialysis for the selective recovery of lithium, and is titled "Lithium brine purification and electrochemical conversion via selective bipolar membrane electrodialysis."

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