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2023 Fellows

Congratulations to all the deserving water innovators of the future!

Names and photos will be added soon!

NWRI Member Agency Fellowship

This fellowship funds research that supports NWRI's mission of developing and enhancing drinking water supplies and water resources. 

NWRI/SCSC Fellowship

The NWRI-Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC) Fellowship supports research that addresses the critical need to remove or reduce salts from water supplies and to preserve water resources in Southern California. Such research includes institutional and regulatory issues, economics of reducing salinity, regional and watershed planning solutions, and public education, outreach, and awareness. Visit the SCSC website for more information.

NWRI/AMTA Fellowship for Membrane Technology

The NWRI/AMTA Fellowship supports research to advance membrane technologies in the water, wastewater, or water reuse industries. Research must be consistent with the American Membrane Technology Association's vision of "Solving water supply and quality issues through the widespread application of membrane technology." The fellowship assists two graduate students for two years.

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