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2023 Fellows

The following students are recipients of fellowships sponsored by NWRI and its partner organizations.


Kieran Fung, University of Colorado at Boulder 
Kieran is a doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is advised by Dr. Yifu Ding and Dr. Xiaoyun Ding.  His research titled, "Acoustic Streaming Pneumatic Bubble Structures for Real-Time Membrane Cleaning in a Crossflow Filtration Water Purification System" aims to develop a novel membrane cleaning mechanism with in-situ and on-demand antifouling capabilities. 





Aron Griffin, Colorado School of Mines

Aron Griffin is a fourth year PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines advised by Drs Timothy Strathmann and Christopher Bellona. His research, “A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Importance of Steric and Donnan Exclusion Mechanisms for the Rejection of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances by High Pressure Membranes” advances innovative technologies for the treatment and destruction of PFAS and other constituents using membranes and hydrothermal processes, with a particular interest in mechanisms governing rejection of organic micropollutants.


NWRI Member Agency Fellow

Alma Bartholow, University of California, Berkeley

Alma Bartholow is entering her third year as a PhD student at UC Berkeley studying microbial communities in water systems. She earned her B.S. in environmental engineering from Northwestern University and her M.S. from UC Berkeley.


Her research project is titled, “Advanced Treated Wastewater in Distributions Systems: Biostability and Biofiltration,”and aims to tackle the unique microbial challenges of advanced treated wastewater in distribution systems.  

NWRI Member Agency Fellow

Emma Payne, University of Colorado, Boulder

Emma Payne is a PhD candidate in environmental engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is advised by Dr. Karl Linden.


Her research project is titled, “Tailoring UV Wavelengths in UV Advanced Oxidation to Improve Water Reuse.” This research focuses on UV advanced oxidation and how innovations in UV technology can improve the field of water treatment and water reuse.

NWRI/Southern California Salinity Coalition Fellow

Jishan Wu, University of California, Los Angeles

Jishan Wu is a PhD student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA under the guidance of Professor Eric M.V. Hoek.


His research project is titled, “Ultra-high pressure RO membranes for the Lowest Cost and Energy Approach to Achieve Minimum Liquid Discharge.” His research revolves around pioneering advancements in ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO) for sustainable minimum/zero liquid discharge.

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