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Daniel Schlenk, PhD , is a Professor of Aquatic Ecotoxicology and Environmental Toxicology at University of California Riverside. Schlenk has particular expertise in the linkage of molecular and bioanalytical responses associated with neuroendocrine development and whole animal effects on reproduction, growth and survival.

Dr Schlenk has served on Scientific Advisory Panels for the California State Water Resources Control Board, focusing on monitoring recycled and surface water for emerging contaminants. Since 2021, Schlenk has been Chair of the Environmental Protection Agency’s TSCA Chemical Safety Advisory Committee, and a permanent member since 2016. He was a member of the EPA FIFRA Science Advisory Panel, which he Chaired from 2012-2014. He is an Associate Editor for Environmental Science and Technology and ES&T Letters.

Schlenk has a BS from Northeast Louisiana University and a PhD from Oregon State University.

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