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Established by NWRI in 1993, the Clarke Prize recognizes individuals of exceptional ability, promotes water research, and honors the vision of its co-founder Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke. Ms. Clarke, along with her daughter Joan Irvine Smith, provided the inspiration, encouragement and financial support that established NWRI. Ms. Clarke’s recognition of the vital importance of water and her dedication to excellence is exemplified in all Clarke Prize Laureates.

Joan Irvine Smith and Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke


"Nothing is more important than the careful stewardship and development of our water resources." NWRI's co-founder, Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke said these important words because she recognized the vital importance of water in Southern California.

Since the prize was established in 1993, the Joan Irvine Smith and Athalie R. Clarke Foundation has supported some of the most influential people in the water industry. (Read about them on the Past Clarke Prize Laureates page.)

Joan Irvine Smith
Athalie R. Irvine Clarke

Joan Irvine Smith

Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke

Clarke Prize 25th Anniversary

Clarke Prize 25th Anniversary

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