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NWRI Independent Expert Advisory Panels

NWRI Independent Expert Advisory Panels are independent teams of internationally recognized experts that review challenging water resources management, policy, and investment issues. This process leads to decisions that are grounded in science and best practices. NWRI-facilitated panels serve cities, counties, special districts, joint powers agencies, regional and state agencies, nongovernmental organization partners, and private firms.

We have administered over 50 panels and hundreds of panel meetings across the country on topics that include: water treatment and reuse infrastructure planning; design, commissioning, monitoring, and operations; groundwater quality and recharge management; surface water quality and reservoir design improvements; and a substantial and growing body of potable reuse policy guidance for the states of California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

NWRI Panels provide:

  • Independent, third-party review and evaluation.

  • Scientific and technical advice by relevant, leading industry experts.

  • Help and support with challenging scientific questions and regulatory requirements.

  • Written reports on status, progress, findings, and recommendations as required by the engagement.

  • Support in interactions with the public, decision makers, and regulators.

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NWRI Panels can:

  • Validate a project's objectives, approach, and progress.

  • Assure sound agency planning and investment decisions.

  • Promote the transparent development of public policy that enhances public health through the application of science and best practices.

NWRI Panels are:

  • Collaborative.

  • Flexible.

  • Transparent.

  • Customized.


NWRI Panels offer:

  • Scientific and technical expertise from around the world.

  • Otherwise unavailable resources and experience.

  • Focus on the challenges and complexities of your project.

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