NWRI Independent Experts

NWRI assembles Independent Advisory Panels of scientific and technical experts who, among other tasks:

  • Provide credible independent review of water projects.

  • Develop recommendations that support investment in water infrastructure and public health.

  • Enable water resource management decisions grounded in science and best practices.

  • Author summary reports with recommendations tailored to the project under review.

Our panels comprise the top experts in their respective fields, both in the United States and internationally. If you or a colleague are interested in serving on an NWRI panel, please contact our project manager, Suzanne Sharkey, at ssharkey@nwri-usa.org.


Learn more about the experts who serve on our Independent Advisory Panels below.

NWRI Indpenedent Expert Profiles

Glen Daigger, PhD, PE, BCEE, NAE

Wendy Graham, PhD

Joah Rose, PhD, NAE

Matt Simcik, PhD

Sam B. Upchurch, PhD, PG

Michael Wehner, MPA

Rick Warner, PE

Paul Anderson, PhD

Anya Kaufmann, PE

Emily Marron, PhD

Tyler Nading, PE

R. Scott Summers, PhD