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Mike Stukel, PhD, is an associate professor at Florida State University and an associate editor for Limnology and Oceanography and Global Biogeochemical Cycles. He is also on the editorial board for Communications Earth & Environment.  

Stukel’s research spans the intersection of plankton ecology and marine biogeochemistry and includes both extensive shipboard observations and numerical modeling. He has a love for all the zooplankton of the oceans and a passion for understanding how these microscopic organisms influence everything from the global climate to the local fisheries yield.  


Appendicularians are his favorite plankton. Unless it's ctenophores. Or salps.  Perhaps phaeodarians, krill, Lingulodinium polyedrum, hyperiid amphipods, Tomopteris, or pyrosomes. It might be copepods. But he doesn't like chaetognaths.  

Dr. Stukel has a BA in Integrated Science and Biology from Northwestern University, an MSc in Marine Biology, and a PhD in Oceanography from the University of California, San Diego.

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