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2011 NOM Conference PowerPoint Presentations and Papers



Session 6



Track A6: Treatment and Removal 6


Reduction of Broad Spectrum NOM Contamination to Minimize Fouling of Membrane Using Electroadsorptive Depth Filter Media

Presented by Rodney S. Komlenic, Ahlstrom Filtration LLC


Characterization of Organics in Marcellus Flowback Waters

Presented by Brian A. Dempsey, Pennsylvania State University

Co-authors: R. Wolford and H. Kim


NOM Characterization and Removal by Water Treatment Processes for Drinking Water and Ultra Pure Process Water

Presented by Alexander F. Keucken, Vatten & Miljö i Väst AB

Co-authors: G. Heinicke




Track B6: Molecular Characterization 4


Stabilization Processes of Olive Pomace in Soil: A Laboratory Experiment by Isoelectric Focusing and 13C NMR

Presented by Francesco Alianiello, Agricultural Research Council – Research Centre for Soil/Plant System (CRA-RPS)

Co-authors: A. Ciampa and M.G. Mascia


A Method to Determine Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Water

Presented by Eakalak Khan, North Dakota State University

Co-authors: T. Wadhawan, H. Simsek, M. Kasi, K. Knutson, J. McEvoy, and B. Pruess




Track C6: Catchment 2


Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Storm Water Treatment Areas

Presented by William T. Cooper, Florida State University

Co-authors: D.M. Osborne, D.C. Podgorski, D.A. Bronk, Q. Roberts, and R.E. Sipler


Effects of Watershed Disturbance on DOC Characteristics in Headwater Streams

Presented by Rudolf Jaffé, Florida International University

Co-authors: Y. Yamashita, B. Kloeppel, and J. Knoepp


Biodegradation of Catchment Source Organic Matter in Riverine Environments

Presented by Merissa S. Marius, University of Southampton

Co-authors: A.L. Collins, A.M. Stringfellow, D.A. Sear, and D.J. Smallman




Track D6: Membranes 3


Refractory Organic Matter (ROM) Removal in Water Treatment: Power and Limitations of Hybrid Processes

Presented by Fritz H. Frimmel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


IEX to Control NOM fouling in Nanofiltration

Presented by Emile R. Cornelissen, KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Co-authors: W.Siegers, E.F.Beerendonk, and D.van der Kooij


NOM Fractionation and Fouling of Low-Pressure Membranes in Microgranular Adsorptive Filtration (mGAF)

Presented by Zhenxiao (Nathan) Cai, University of Washington

Co-authors: M. Benjamin


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